Premium Family History Report


A Family History Report that goes back 4 generations to your on both your father's and mother's side.  This report details 15 families, 30 direct line ancestors and their siblings.  Understand your ancestor's main life events (birth, marriage and death) and where they lived and what they did.  In addition the names and date and place of birth of their siblings will be researched. 


The report includes Pedigree Charts and details each family group and their story.  The research will seek to find General Registrar's Office Index Information, marriage certificates, census records and more and details of all sources are included.  The report can typically run to over 75 pages of A4 and information on sometimes approaching 100 people - depending upon the average size of families in your tree.


Your family history research will be printed and bound for you to keep and share with family and friends and in addition you will receive an electronic version (PDF format) and a GEDCOM file containing all of the family history data found.  This will enable you to import your family tree into computer genealogy programs and/or websites as you wish. 


The cost of a FHR Premium Report is £550 which includes six Marriage Certificates for all your grandparents and gt.grandparents. It normally takes about six weeks to complete, but this can depend upon whether we need to obtain additional certificates (e.g. birth certificates) to improve the reliability of an ancestral link back.  You will also receive a weekly report as the research progresses. 


If you initially require information on just your father's or mother's side of the family tree, then the FHR Premium Report can be produced for that side only for £300 - which will include three Marriage Certificates and give details of all ancestors and siblings on that side back to your


If you would like to know more about the Premium Family History Report please contact us for more information.