Our Reports are priced as follows :


    - Foundation Report £300
    - Premium Report Paternal/Maternal side only £300
    - Premium Report £550
    - Upgrade Option Foundation -> Premium £300

See the Menu links for details of each report type.

Mentoring and bespoke research costs are £10 per hour with materials (e.g. Birth / Marriage / Death Certificates from GRO General Registrar's Office at cost price - currently £11.00 in England and Wales).


A deposit of 25% is required for each piece of work commissioned.  This is generally non-refundable, unless unforeseen circumstances mean we are unable to complete the work, when the deposit will be refunded in full.


Gift vouchers are available for birthdays, Christmas etc...


FamilyHistoryRevealed turnover is below the VAT threshold and so we do not add VAT to our invoices.